Final Runner types of Competitions



You will generally be able to win more money in these competitions because they are available to our entire global FinalRunner network and, as with most competitions, more entries mean a larger winning cash prize.

There will also be promotional codes available from time to time to enter fixed cash prize competitions. Keep an eye out on our emails for free entries and prizes up for grabs!

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Types of competitions

competitionsOrganisation Competition

We can help organisations to raise funds FOR FREE to be used for the benefit of employees, members or the community. Set up a competition for ZERO COST, promote it to as many people as possible and watch the funds roll into your organisation account! Your choose whether to invite only a select group or to make it public for promotion to the FinalRunner® global online community. The more entries, the more funds and awareness raised for your organisation.

Creating an organisation competition with FinalRunner® couldn't be easier. You choose what works for your organisation – when it starts, who can enter, the entry fee and the prize available to the winner. Make the funds' use something players would want to contribute towards to attract them to your page. A minimum six entries are needed before the competition start date chosen for it to begin so leave enough time to maximise entries.

Click the 'Create Competition' button at the top of the page to go through our simple process and start raising funds for your organisation today!

competitionsPrivate competition

Players can create competitions to play against a select group, whether that’s family, friends, colleagues, or otherwise – it’s entirely up to you! Invite players by providing them with the unique private code assigned to the competition once it is created. There are no limits on how many competitions a player can create.

Click the 'Create Competition' button at the top of the page today to prove who has the skill to take home the bragging rights as well as the all-important cash prize!

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Private competitions