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Your Questions AnsweredCompetition Rules

Does the entry price of a competition vary?

Yes, some competitions start at £5 and go up to £100 but the most common entry price is £10.

What do I have to do once I have registered and deposited my money?

Choose a competition you wish to enter and select a team in the first round.

Can I select more than one team in a round?

No, Unless you have multiple entries.

How many times can I enter in a single competition?

Three entries is the limit but you are allowed to enter as many other competitions as you wish.

If I am knocked out from a competition can I re-enter it?

Generally no but on some occasions the competition will have a ‘Buy Back In’ Click Here to read more about the feature.

How far in advance can I make my selections?

Up to 5 rounds ahead. We always leave you the chance to make your selections 4 weeks in advance.

Can I enter a competition that has already started?

No. You need to enter a competition from the start.

What if someone else chooses the same team as me?

That’s not a problem, you’ll proceed if your selection wins along with the other winners of that round.

How long does a competition last?

It goes on until we have one winner or the last 5 players or less decide to spilt the prize pot.

How long does a round last?

A round is usually a group of fixtures over a weekend or a few days.

Can I select the same team in future rounds?

No. Once a team has been selected you are not able to select that team in the same competition.

What if I have chosen all the teams before?

It is unlikely to happen but if it does then all the teams are reset for all remaining players.

Do I have to choose from only one league?

No, you can make a selection from any available teams in that round.

Does my team have to win in order for me to proceed?

Yes, Unfortunately a Draw or Lose eliminates you from the competition.

When does my selection have to be in by?

Selections for each round will have to be made at least half an hour before the start of the first game in that round.

Can I change my selections once I have made them?

Yes, You can change up to half an hour before the start of that round.

Can I see what others have chosen in each round?

Yes, Once the round closes all the selections will be available to view.

Can people see my selection?

No, not until the round closes.

What if I forget or don’t make a selection for a round?

In order to keep the competition running smoothly you will automatically be given a default selection.

What if I don’t like my default selection?

Unfortunately you can’t change that as enough time is given to make your decision before each round.

I’ve noticed that other players have the same selections as me?

Great minds think alike!

Your Questions AnsweredCompetition Features

But Back In

When can I buy back in?

This feature allows you to re-enter a competition for another entrance fee.

How much will it the Buy Back in cost?

We use a special formula to calculate the cost to re-enter as it all depends on the number people remaining in the competition and the initial entry fee.

Can I buy back in at any time during the competition?

No, only after the first round.

Will I able to buy back in in every competition?

No, only the competitions that have that feature active.

How will it benefit me if I haven’t been knocked out in the competition?

As more of the losers re-enter the prize fund will increase.

Split Pot

Can I split the prize fund during any round?

No. Only when 5 or less people remain in the competition.

Why can’t I split the prize fund although there are less than 5 people in the competition?

When there are 5 or less people in the competition they all have to mutually agree to end the competition and split the prize funds.

Does every competition have the Split Pot facility?

No. It is predefined at the start of the competition.

Sympathy Loser

How does the Sympathy Loser feature work?

If your selected team loses by a margin of 3 or more goals you still proceed to the next round.

If a competition has the Sympathy Loser feature can I use it in all the rounds?

No. This feature can only be used once in any competition.

Can I select when to use the Sympathy Loser option?

It will be automatic if the competition has the feature added from the beginning.

Double Chance

When can I use the double chance feature?

There will certain pre-selected rounds that will allow you to choose two teams.

So can I select two teams in the same round?


What if both of my teams lose?

The unfortunately you are out of that competition.

What if only one of my teams wins?

Then that would enable you to proceed to the next round of the competition.

Does this feature cost twice as much to enter?

No, the entry fee remains the same.

Can I select two teams in every round of the competition?

No. You can only use this feature once.

Draw No Lose

How do I get this feature?

It’s part of some competitions only.

How can I get knocked out from a competition if I am using this feature?

It’s only available on certain rounds and your team would have to lose for you to get knocked out. If your team draws or wins then you proceed to the next round.

Can I use this feature in every round?

No, only certain pre-defined rounds will have this feature.

Your Questions AnsweredOrganisations

Do I have to create my own fundraising competition?

Yes, but if you do require help then please contact us on and we’ll be glad to assist.

How much can I raise?

This depends entirely on how many entries there are. Obviously the more entries the higher amount will be.

Can I contribute to the prize fund?

Yes, the more you can offer as a prize the better.

What percentage of the prize fund goes to the organisation?

After Finalrunner deducts it’s administration costs the prize fund is usually split 50% - 50% between the organisation and the prize winner.

Can I change the 50/50 ratio?

We will be introducing this feature at a later date but if you really need to change it then please contact us on

When does the organisation get paid?

We usually pay within 4-6 weeks after the competition has started.

Can I enter for my members?

Yes as an administrator you can manage the entries for your members. We request that all entires are for those above the age of 18.

Will I have to pay taxes on the funds raised by FinalRunner?

Everyone has a different situation with regards to taxes and we suggest you seek professional advice on this matter.

Will I have to pay the winner of any competitions I set up?

No, Relax as Finalrunner takes care of all of this for you.

Can my children enter?

No, definitely not. The minimum age limit for all entrants is 18.

What’s the catch as this seems like an easy and fun way of raising funds for my organisation?

We are serious there are no catches, just set up a competition and encourage your networks to play this exciting game.

What is the ideal time to start a competition?

We recommend you allow a two week window as we need to allow people to enter the competition. After a competition starts then it closes to new entries.

Can I create several competitions?

Yes, we would encourage you to create a new competition every fortnight but there is absolutely no limit. It all depends on how well you can network to let as many people know about it.

Can people join once a competition has started?

No, once a competition starts then it is closed to any new entries.

I have set up a competition but it didn’t start?

The most common cause for a competition not to start is that it failed to reach its minimum number of entries of six players. If you require any help then please contact us on

Do you have a license to operate in the UK?

Yes, we have license from the Gambling Commission based in the UK. Our license can be viewed on Our license number is 41696.

Do you provide any material that I can use to help promote my competition?

Yes, once you create a competition and login you be able download your personal PR material.

What are your contact details?

We prefer email contact and are available on