About Final Runner Users

About FINALRUNNER®Users & Organisations


FinalRunner is a fun new, knockout sports competition where players choose a different football team to win in each round, with the only rule that you can’t select a team twice in one competition. Real-life match results define who goes through and the game goes on until a winner is decided.

Only you hold your destiny in this competition and you can win big with a small stake. You may choose to join public competitions created by FinalRunner, create your own private competition between a select group or join an organisation competition to help them raise funds for their stated goal, which is shown on the competition page (winners gets a cash prize here too).

Join or create a competition today – have you got what it takes to be the FinalRunner?

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About FINALRUNNER®The Organisation

Final Runner allows organisations such as charities, small businesses, local sports clubs and community-led projects to create their very own fundraising competitions. These much needed funds can be used directly for your cause. The essential cash-boost can help your organisation to buy new equipment, invest in your members and simply even pay for those new kits. FinalRunner provides a valuable platform to help make raising funds both easy and fun. The beauty of creating your own fundraising competition is that it’s hassle free and doesn’t cost you a penny.

This RISK FREE competition means that you can only win! Click here to see a video on how we can raise funds for you, and for more information contact us.

Why we started?

Why we started

FinalRunner launched to help sports clubs raise much-needed funds to continue operating. Managing premises, safety, and staff does not come cheap nor does it come easy. We aim to ease that burden to provide sports clubs with a potential regular income so they can continue to lay the foundations for the upcoming Beckham’s, Wilkinson’s and Cook’s to develop their skills and play the sports they love.



This isn't your run-of-the-mill gambling site – entry fees are generally very low while you can win substantial amounts of cash while contributing to a good cause. So ensure you tell the wider community when you create a competition, as more entries mean more money for the winner and more money for you!

Keeps kids off streets

The right facilities and equipment

Use funds raised to buy the essentials for the benefit of members, be it facilities, training equipment, staff or kits. You can advertise, for each competition you create, how you intend to use the funds. Just ensure it's for the right reasons, otherwise players won't be drawn to your competition!

Clubs closing

Clubs closing down

In recent years, various sports clubs have been forced to close down due to inability to manage expenses on sports equipment, facilities and the best safety measures for players and staff. We understand the pressures of trying to do the right thing for members while keeping financially afloat, so our competitions are COMPLETELY FREE to create, hassle-free and can raise vast sums of cash for you to continue providing for your members or community.